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Get ₹100 ShopClues Coupon by referring three friends (with multiple coupon trick)

ShopClues is an online market that gives users brand deals at cheap prices. They have a good reputation in online market and they recently started an app campaign in which a users can invite three friends to download ShpClues app and the user will get ₹100 Coupon that he/she can use on ShopClues.

How to Get ₹100 ShopClues Coupon:

If you want you can download the ShopClues app from Google Play by clicking the button below:

  1. Once you have the app installed in your device, Go to this App Refer Page in your browser.
  2. Login here using your Name and Email. (You can also use your Google+ or Facebook ID)
    ShopClues Refer Program
  3. Once you Login, you will see this new window which give you different ways to share the app with your friends.
    ShopClues Refer Program Stats
  4. Click on any button to share your referral link and when three of your friends install the app in their Android device, ShopClues will send you ₹100 Coupon via email.
  5. You can use this coupon to buy anything from ShopClues website.
NOTE: You can check your refer stats by clicking on Referal Statistics.

How to get Multiple Coupons:

You can use multiple email ID's at the App Refer Page, all different ID will generate different refer link and you can use those links to invite your friends. Or you can use YouWave software to install ShopClues app in your PC using your refer code.

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