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What's New in Android M Developer Preview

Last Night, at Google I/O 2015, Google unveiled the new version of Android, the Android M. Google talked about the new features of Android M at this event, but they did not unveil the name of Android M i.e. what 'M' refers to. According to some rumors, it can be Android Muffin or Android Marshmallow. We will have to wait for the official announcement to know the real name of Android M. (Till then you can guess names in share with others in comments section)
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As we said, Google talked about the new features of Android M in its developer conference last night and if you want to know what is the new thing you are going to see in Android M then check out the list below.

NOTE: We will keep updating this list if we see more new features in coming previews of Android M.

Security Permissions 

Whenever a user tries to install an app from Google Play Store, he sees a pop-up that shows a list of all the permissions that an app wants to use. If that bothers you a lot then its a good news for use because Google has simplified the permissions in Android M and it is much like how Apple handles app permissions in iOS devices. Now the app will not ask you for permissions when you download them from Play Store instead the permissions pop-up will pop-up when the app is trying to access a feature of your device.
For example, If you are using Instagram app in Android M and you want to take a picture using Instagram camera, a pop-up will appear at that time requesting Instagram to access the camera.

'DOZE' - Smart Battery Saver!

This is a new feature which gives your phone the ability to detect if the smartphone has not been used for a while. In this case, the phone will reduce the background activity, which improves the battery life of your device.

Now on Tap

This is probably the best feature of Android M. This time Google decided to take Google Now feature one step further. Now, Google Now is available while you're viewing a web page or in an app. And it will bring out important details from that Webpage or App itself. For example,  if you're viewing someone's Instagram profile, you can use Now on Tap feature to find out more details about that person. It may link to that person's Twitter or Facebook Profile.

Android Pay

Android Pay is also new in Android M. Same like every other mobile paying system, this will enable Android users to simply (and securely) pay in stores and another place that support Android Pay. 

FingerPrint Sensor Support

The reason why the Finger Print sensor does not work properly in Android Smartphones is because till now they did not have any native support from Android framework. But now, Google have added native support for fingerprint scanner. This will allow smartphone manufacturers to add Fingerprint scanner in smartphones that work properly and app developers to use fingerprint scanning for security. The Fingerprint support will also be used in Android Pay to make payments more secure.

These are the list of features that you will see in the first preview of Android M. At the conference, Google said that they will continue to work on its features. So keep this page bookmarked and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or via Email as we will keep updating this article as we see new features in Android M. 

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