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[Official] WhatsApp Starts Rolling Out Voice Calling feature for Android & iOS

Last week, WhatsApp voice calling feature was seen in some of the android devices. It showed us the voice calling UI in new version of Android. In some devices the feature was working and in some devices only the UI was shown but they were not able to make amy calls. Now, WhatsApp has officially started rolling out the calling feature in iOS devices and also in Android Devices.

For iOS, the users can directly update the app to use this feature. The changelog of this update doesn't notify about the calling feature but the calling feature is live for all iOS users.
The update was rolled out yesterday evening. Once you install this update you will see a calling button within the chat window right next to the contact name and profile picture. The app uses phone dialer to make outgoing calls.

For Android, this feature is not available for all users, WhatsApp is currently passing on the feature to selected number of users. WhatsApp seems to be testing this feature in Android and that is why this feature is not available for all. Once WhatsApp is satisfied with the response of this service, it would be available for everyone to use. Keep an eye on the My Apps page of Google Play Store in your device to check if you have got this update or not.

Tell us what you think about this new update. Also tell us if you are using this feature in your Android or iOS device?

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