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What's New in Android 5.1 Lollipop

Android L, also known as Android Lollipop, is the latest release in Android OS. The final preview of this Android L was launched with the release of Nexus 6 Smartphone. Android L comes with a lot of new features, new looks and a lot of other under the hood changes. The Android L is optimized greatly for all devices that run on Android OS i.e Android Phones, Android Wear, Android TV and also Android Autos. So here, in this article, I will tell you about some of the cool new features of Android L.
android lollipop design

Update in Android 5.1

The update to Android L (the Android 5.1 update) brings some major security patches and minor design changes. The design changes and bug fixes made in Android 5.1 are:
  • You can now remove WiFi Hotspot icon from Notification menu by tapping and holding the hotspot icon.
  • Clicking on the down arrow icon below Bluetooth and WiFi panel in notification bar will open the advance menu of these features.
  • The bug in some Nexus devices where the apps keep coming in the recent apps menu after clearing all apps has been fixed too.
  • Many battery saving and performance boosting tweaks has been made in Android 5.1.

Material Design

You might have already been familiar with the material design of new Android version. Google has already updates some of its apps like Gmail, Chrome, Play Store etc. with material design. But Android L have all its apps in material design.
material design android
According to Google, Material Design is a bold, colorful and responsive UI design for consistent intuitive experience for all your devices that runs on Android. The responsive design and bold colors make Android L a-lot attractive and helps to make Android experience better and easier.

New Recent Apps

Android L have a new recent apps menu which shows an enhanced view of recent apps. Now instead of showing only the app in recent menu, It shows the pages opened in a certain app (Like If you have two tabs opened in Chrome App, the recent menu will show these two tabs separately in recent menu). The look of recent apps menu is also changed, now it have a new Card Styled look.(See Image)
recent apps menu android l

New Notifications

Android L comes with a new notification bar and have some new ways for you to control your notification panel. You can control when and how you receive notifications and only get interrupted when you want to be. Some other new features in Notification of Android L are:
  • Now users can view and respond to messages directly from lock screen
  • Now the Incoming calls don't interrupt while the user is playing games or doing some other work like watching movie. A small notification will appear on screen allowing you to accept or reject a call. The game will not pause automatically from now.
android L notifications

In Android L, Google have also introduced a new Priority Mode which allows you to get notifications from certain people that you choose. You can also schedule recurring time like 8:00 AM to 6:00 AM when only Priority Notifications get through.

Battery Improvements

Low Battery Life is the biggest con Android have right now. But in Android L, Google have made some changes to improve battery life. The new battery saver function extends battery use by up to 90 Minutes.
battery saver android L android central

Android L also shows you the estimate time left to fully charge your device while plugged in.

Some Other New Features and Improvements in Android L are:
  • In Android L, OK Google feature is also enhanced. You can say "OK Google", while your device is locked, and Google will respond to your query. 
  • More Security. New Devices running Android L comes with encryption automatically turned on to help protect user data on lost or stolen devices.
  • Guest User for Phones: This feature in phones and tablets means that you can lend your device to other people without giving access to your personal stuff like images, videos, messages etc.
  • New Quick Settings: Android L shows the most frequently used settings with just two swipe down from the top of the screen. A new Flashlight toggle is also added in controls.  
  • Improved Runtime and performance. Android L now supports 64-bit devices easily.
Above are some of the most loved and awesome features of Android L. If you want to know more about Android L then have a look at the official page of Android L here.
You can also list more features of Android L in comments section below. Your comments and views will always be appreciated.

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