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9 Browsing Hacks You Probably Didn't Know

Hacks you probably didn't knew about web browsing. These web browsing hacks will make your browsing easy and will surely save some of your time. I have tested all these hacks in Google Chrome browser but most of these hacks will work for other major web browsers too. 


1. Shortcut to open any Website

This is one of the most basic and useful browser hack you should know. Whatever you type in a URL bar can easily be surrounded by 'www.' in front and '.com' in the end. All you have to do is to type the keyword and press Ctrl + Enter
For Example, if you are trying to open the website '', you can type xploringtech in URL bar and press Ctrl+Enter and you will be redirected to the site automatically.

2. Shortcut to Download MP3 Songs Easily

This hack can save a lot of your precious time. While searching for music online, you probably waste a lot of minutes to get the required file in required format. To download a song type this in Google search:
inurl:(htm;|php|htm) intitle:"index of"+song-name+size+(mp3|wma|m4a)
Change song-name to the name of the song you want to download. And hit Enter. 

3. Restore Accidentally/Previously Closed Tabs

Many times you accidentally close a tab or want to restore a previously closed tab, you go to History and then find the webpage and then open it. But, What of I tell you that there is an easy way to do this? To reopen a closed tab all you have to do is to press Ctrl+Shift+T button and your previous window/tab will be restored. You can press this combination multiple times to open more tab you closed previously. 

4. Easily Highlight the URL in URL Bar

Want to copy the URL of this or any other page? Just press Ctrl+L to highlight the URL and then press Ctrl+C  and the URL will be copied on Clipboard.
Windroid Tricks

5. Remove Words from Google Search

Don't want some words to see in your Google Search? You can remove them by adding - sign before that word.
Like, if you want searching for 'Windroid' but don't want the word 'tricks' to appear in your search result, you can search like this 'windroid -tricks or -tricks windroid'.

6. Make Google look Off-Balance

This is one of the easter eggs present in Google. Search for the word 'tilt' in Google search and you will see the whole page tilted.

7. Easily Clear Cache

Press the Key combination Ctrl+Shift+R, it will clear the cache and will automatically refresh the page for you. 

8. Alternate Way to Pause a YouTube Video

Usually when you want to pause a YouTube video you use your mouse and press the Pause button on the below left corner of the video. You can do this easily by pressing the Space Bar. OR You can also press 'k' if you are tired of pressing the space bar.
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9. See how a Website Looked in the Past

Wanna know how your favorite site like Google or Facebook looked in the past? There is a website named '' which saves the cached copy of websites and lets you see the look of that website from the past. 

To find the old look of any website: go to, type the URL of website you want to see and click Browse History button.

Is there anything in this list that you knew before? Share it with us in comments. Also share some more hacks in comments below. 

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