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Things You Should Check Before Buying Products Online

Online shopping website are filled with tons of products which comes with great discounts. But not all these offers are true, there are a lot of persons who claimed that they got fake products from a reputed online shopping website. Like this person who ordered a pen drive thrice online and got only empty boxes. Internet is filled with these complaints but nobody knows if all these are true or false.
This is the reason I decided to write this guide for my readers to help them shop online and reduce their chances of getting fake products.

Always Buy from Reputed Website

The first thing you should do is to choose a reputed website to buy products online. You can go for websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc. as they've the widest range of products and have verified sellers. There are very rare chances that you will get fake products from these websites.

Personally, I suggest to buy from Flipkart or Amazon, as they have more reputation than other and I never got fake products from these sites.

Buy from a Reputed Seller

You might have noticed that there are a lot of different sellers selling same product on different prices. Generally users go for the one with the lowest price and never check its reviews and other details. So, I suggest you to look for these things before choosing the seller
(Representative Images from Flipkart/ almost same for all other online sellers)

1. Check for Start Ratings and Feedback

Start Ratings and feedback are given by users to tell them about their experience with the seller. You can use these ratings to choose a seller for yourself. If a seller have less than 3.5 Stars then use precautions before buying from this seller or go for another seller with higher ratings.
WS retail ratings
If you are buying something from Flipkart then go for the seller named 'WS Retail', they are the preferred seller of Flipkart. 

2. Check for the Advantage Badge

Some online shopping sites show an 'Advantage' badge for their verified sellers so that users can opt for better seller. The Flipkart advantage badge looks like this
flipkart advantage

Flipkart Advantage
These tips can help you make your online shopping experience better. You can also share some more tips with us and our readers by commenting below.

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