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3 Simple Ways to Increase Copy-Paste Speed of Pendrive

Pendrives are the fastest way to transfer data between two devices. You can share data at a faster rate than the usual sharing using Bluetooth, WiFi or Internet. But with time Pendrives becomes slow and the read & write speed is decreased. The only option left for some people is to buy a new pendrive to get the high speed transfer. But do you know that you can also use Windows settings to speed up your pendrive.
So, Here in this article I will show you how you can speed up your pendrive using these three simple settings. Lets start with the most basic tip first.

Tip 1: Format your Pendrive in NTFS Format

This is the most basic step to increase the speed of your pendrive. You have probably done this a lot of times but try using format it to NTFS (stands for New Technology File System). You will definitely see changes in speed of your pendrive. Here is how you can do this:
NOTE: Take a backup of all the data you want from Pendrive. Because this step will delete all data from pendrive.
  1. Plug-in your pendrive.
  2. Right Click on your pendrive icon in My Computer Window and Select 'Format'.
  3. A dialog box will open now. 
  4. Under File System, Select NTFS and Click Start to format your drive.
ways to speed up pendrive

Tip 2: Optimize Allocation Unit Size

While formatting a Pendrive you also have an option to choose Allocation Unit Size. But most of the users don't know how to set it and what is the use of it.
According to Superuser's Contributor Jonathan:
Basically, the allocation unit size is the block size on your hard drive when it formats NTFS. If you have lots of small files, then it’s a good idea to keep the allocation size small so your pendrive space won’t be wasted. If you have lots of large files, keeping it higher will increase the system performance by having less blocks to seek.
So if you have a lot of small files to copy in pendrive then choose the smallest allocation unit but if you have large files like Movies and videos then select the large allocation unit. But if you data is mixed up with small and choose the Default Allocation Size for best performance.

Recommended Size for Small File: 512 Bytes
Recommended Size for Large File: 64 KB
Recommended Size for Mixed File: Default or 4096 Bytes

Tip 3: Regularly Check for Errors

Windows have a built-in tool to check for errors in pendrive. This option is very useful and will thoroughly check your pendrive for errors and will also solve those errors.

  1. Plug-in your pendrive. 
  2. Right Click on it and select 'Properties'. 
    ways to speed up pendrive
  3. Go to Tools tab and under Error Checking select 'Check'. 
  4. You will have to provide administrator permission. Then select 'Scan and Repair Device'.
                          scan drive to increase speed
  5. Now Windows will start checking for errors and will show you result in few minutes.

Additional Tip 1: Optimize and Defrag Your Pendrive

I have already written a tutorial on How to Drfeag Hard Disk Drive to get maximum performance. The tutorial is same for pendrive. So please read that tutorial to know how you can defrag your pendrive.  Click Here to read tutorial.

Additional Tip 2: Get a USB 3.0 Pendrive

Normally, Users have USB 2.0 Pendrive which can not get speed more than 12-17 MBps but USB 3.0 pendrive are upto 10x faster than the USB 2.0 Pendrive. The copying speed of a regular USB 3.0 pendrive in 2.0 port is around 25-40 MBps* and in 3.0 port is around 100-200 MBps*. So it is suggested to use a USB 3.0 Pendrive if you want more speed.

If you want to buy genuine USB 3.0 pendrive online then use the following links:
Buy From Flipkart                                       Buy From Amazon (India)

If you know some more tips to speed up pendrive then you can share it with is using the comment box below. 

NOTE(*): The copying speed is measured in my laptop in both USB 2.0 port and 3.0 Port. The speed may vary depending on the Pendrive model and pc performance. Pendrive used for Testing is Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0 Pendrive

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