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How to Create Your Own Android Character and Submit it to Google

Android OS is known for its customization. You can customize the look and feel of Android OS the way you want. But did you know that Android also gives you the ability to customize its Official Logo? Well, if not, I must tell you that Yes! You can customize the logo of android the way you want. You can give it any look. Make it look like yourself or like your friends.
androidify tutorial
You can create an Android Character using the official 'Androidify' website or can also use its Android App. Once your Android character is completed you can Submit it for a review and If your Android character is picked to appear on a billboard in Times Square, Google will send you an email with an awesome photo of it. They’ll also let you know if your character will be on TV or YouTube.

How to Make and Submit Android Character:

There are two ways using which you can create your own android character. You can use the official website or use the official Android app of Androidify. In this tutorial i will show you how you can create funny android character using the official website.
NOTE: Click on Image to view full size
  1. Go to and click on Create and Share button.
  2. Now give your character a name and design it the way you want using the different combinations of dresses and other things. Once done, click on 'done' button on top right corner.
    androidify customizing character
  3. Select a signature move for your custom Android. Once done click on 'Share' button.
                              signature move androidify
  4. Your android character will be saved and you will see a form to add a name for your android character and select a Hometown (Optional). Click on 'Submit' button when finished.
    androidify form
  5. In next screen, you can give your Email Address (optional) to receive email from Google notifying you if your Custom Android Character appearing on billboard. Once done, click on 'Submit' button.
    publish on times square billboard
  6. Now your Character will be submitted and you will be taken to a new window from where you can download the character you just made.
                                                          download androidify custom android
google play buttonThe tutorial is also same for the Android App of Androidify. You can download the Android app of Androidify using the 'Google Play button'. 

Here is the character I made while writing this tutorial:
androidify windroidtricks droid

Also share the custom android character you made, with us using the comments below.

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