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How to make a Website with Zero Investment

Website/Blog is a great way to show our thoughts and ideas to the World. One can create a website on any topic that he/she likes and share their thoughts easily with others. Not only that we can also earn money from websites by showing ads from various networks like Google AdSense (the one which we are using now), Infolinks etc.

But a lot of people drop their ideas of making a website because of the cost involved for hosting, domain names and advertising (optional). So I decided to write an article on this topic which will help a lot of new and young bloggers to create a professional website without spending a single penny from their pocket.
make website or blog with zero investment
So what we are going to do here is to start from a free domain & hosting and then will slowly move for paid domain & hosting (This is the way I made this website). Read the points below for full detailed info of this procedure.

1. Start Your Blog with free Domain & Hosting:

Budget: 0$
Time Spent: 0 Months

There will be not investment, all you need is a working Email ID to start your first blog. You can use any website that gives free domain and hosting for a blog. For a blog the top sites that came in my mind are Google's Blogger and WordPress(.com).

I recommend you to start with Blogger to make your blog. Why? Because it is fast, easy to use for beginners, don't have any hidden costs and offers much more customization then any other free hosting company. You can upload your own themes or edit the themes provided by blogger itself.
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Make website with zero invetment
Whereas WordPress (which is also a good hosting site) is a little bit hard to use for beginners, offers very less customization and does not give full access to your site. For many features you have to pay WordPress some amount of money. Other bad thing about WordPress is that you can not upload your own or third party themes even if you pay them, so you will have to use only themes provided by WordPress.

If you Start with Blogger You Will Get: 
  • A Free domain Name (which looks like '')
  • Free Hosting (upto 15GB Space)
  • A Free Website with limited access
Once you make your blog, Start posting updates and news about your topic, share your blog on social networking site to drive some decent traffic.

2. Apply for Small Ad Publishing Company:

Budget: 0$
Time Spent: Minimum 2 Months

Once your blog completes 2 months and have atleast 50 Posts then you can apply for some small ad publishing companies. Because Top ads company like Google AdSense does not approve a blog/website that runs on a free domain name (that ends with .blogger, .wordpress). So first you will have to apply for small ad publishing companies like Chitika, Infolinks (these two are better than others) etc. 

Once your application is approves by them you can login to publisher dashboard of these sites and use their codes to show ads on your blog/website. Show these ads for atleast 3-4 Months on your website. Your goal here is to earn about 50$ from these ad networks, after that you can leave them if you want.

Now you have 50$ in your hand that your earned from these ad networks, but don't spend this money for your leisure but use this money to make your website look more professional. Read the next step below to know how.

3. Buy Custom Domain:

Budget: 50$
Time Spent: 6 Months

Now your blog is 6 months old and you have 50$ that you earned from this free blog. And its time for you to buy a custom top level domain for your blog. A top level domain is one which looks like this ''. 
A top level domain does not contain blogger or WordPress name, it is just the name you choose for your blog just like I chose '' for this blog.  The reason you should have a top level domain is that it looks more professional and shows readers that writer is serious about his blogging career. 

You can buy a top level domain from any domain registrar for around 3$-15$ Per Year. Once you buy your domain the next thing you will have to do is to connect your new domain with your blogger blog. Almost every domain registrar provide easy steps to connect a top level domain to a blogger blog. You can check those steps in their support site or just ask me by commenting below.

Now You Have:
  • A Free domain Name (which looks like '') Your own Top-level domain (
  • Free Hosting (upto 15GB Space)
  • A Free Website with full access 

4. Apply for Big Ad Networks:

Budget: 35$ 
Time Spent: 9 Months

At this time, your domain name is about 3 months old and you are not using any ads on your blog/website. Now its time for you to apply for some big ad networks. I suggest you to go for Google AdSense as it is the biggest ad network.

Go to Google AdSense's home page and apply for a publisher's account. AdSense will take about one week to check your website/blog and if you have decent and original content they will approve your application. 
Google AdSense

Now, once your application is approved, you can show AdSense ads on your blog/website and earn money using those ads. 

Once you start earning some decent money (around 50$-100$ Per Month) from your blog/website using AdSense you can go for next step which is to buy paid hosting.

5. Buy Paid Hosting

Budget: 100$ (Minimum)
Time:  About 1 Year

The last and final step in this topic is to buy paid hosting for your blog/website. Paid hosting take your website to another level. It gives you a lot of extra features and more search engine visibility. Also, with paid hosting, you will not be bounded to Blogger or WordPress's restrictions. You will be able to run your website as you want.

There are different plans for hosting so do some research on it and then buy the plan that suits you.

Now You Have:
  • A Free domain Name (which looks like '') Your own Top-level domain (
  • Free Hosting (upto 15GB Space) Paid Hosting for your domain
  • A Free Website with full access Website with full access
Now you have your professional blog with your own custom domain and hosting which is made without investing a single penny. If you need some help then you can comment below. I will be happy to help you.

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