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How to Calibrate Battery on Android Devices - Rooted & Unrooted Devices

Battery backup is one of the biggest problem in Android devices. Even though Google have added some new battery tweaks in Android Kitkat which makes it last longer than usual but still it's not at its best phase. On an average battery backup of android devices is around 8 hours. But if you have noticed a sudden decrease in your battery performance like the battery is draining too fast or your phone switch off automatically at 5-6% battery level (and shows 0% when you turn it on) then its the right time for you to calibrate your device's battery.
How to Calibrate Battery on Android Devices - Rooted & Unrooted Devices
Battery Calibration

What Does Battery Calibration Means?

In all android device there is a file names 'batterystats.bin' which saves the battery information. When you charge your phone multiple times daily, when the battery is not even half empty, this file become corrupted and shows wrong battery stats, which causes the phone to switch off before it reaches 0%. The process of repairing this corrupted file is known as calibration.

How often should You calibrate Battery?

You should calibrate your battery every week. You should calibrate battery even if you are not having any kind of problem with battery to keep battery state healthy.

How to Calibrate Battery:

Method 1: (For Users Without Root Access)

This method will work for both Rooted and Unrooted devices.
  1. Plug In your phone to the charger and charge it to 100% while the phone is on.
  2. Unplug your charger, switch off your phone and charge it again to 100%. [The Green LED indicator will blink when it is done]
  3. Now turn your phone on and see battery level. Charge it again to 100%.
  4. Now go to Settings > Display and change screen timeout to its maximum limit so that your screen doesn't turn off.
  5. Wait till your phone reaches 0% (turn off) by itself.
    Tip: Don't use your phone at this time.
  6. Now charge your phone back to 100% and should start working properly.
  7. Now your device's battery is successfully calibrated and you can put the screen timeout setting back to normal.

Method 2: (For Users with Root Access)

  1. Download and Install the app named 'Battery Calibration' from Play Store. (Available for Free)
                                                             Download Battery Calibration App
  2. Plug in your phone to the charger.
  3. Wait till it charges 100% (Recommended)
  4. Open the App and Tap on 'Battery Calibration' button.
    Battery Cakibration Apk
  5. Unplug your phone.
  6. [Optional but Recommended] Let your phone fully discharge to 0% after calibration and then charge to 100% without any break (means not using your phone during this time).
  7. This will successfully calibrate your Android device's battery.
That's It. Your device's battery will now work properly if not then there are chances that your battery is damaged and you should buy a new battery for your device. 
If you need any help or want to share any alternative way of calibrating Android battery then you can comment below. We will love to hear from you.

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