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See Who Visited Your Facebook Timeline

Everyone on Facebook likes to know who visited their facebook timeline. But Facebook does not allow us to view this information. So here we are with a new trick which allows you to view who visited your timeline.
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There are a lot of apps on facebook and also some third party websites and softwares that claims that they can show you who visited your profile. But all these apps, website and softwares are FAKE and will never show you who visited your timeline, instead these apps will steal your password and will use your timeline to share spam links. So you should never use these apps if you want your facebook profile secure.
We are not going to use any third party 'harmful' app or any software, we will only use the source code of your facebook timeline. Read the tutorial below to know more about this trick.

How to view your Timeline Visitors:

  1. Go to Facebook LogIn page and LogIn to your ID.
  2. Now open your Timeline by clicking on your name on top left corner.
  3. Once the page is loaded, Press Ctrl + U.
  4. Now a new page will open (with a lot of HTML coding).
  5. Press Ctrl + F and type 'Friendslist'. (You will get only one search result).
  6. Below it you will see a lot of facebook ID's, which looks like '10000**********-2'.  
  7. See who visited your facebook timeline
    Click on Image to Enlarge
  8. Copy this code and paste it after facebook URL. It should look like:**********  (Remove -2, -3, -1, -0 from its end too)
  9. Hit Enter and you will be redirected to the facebook timeline of the user who visited your profile.

    see who visited your facebook timeline
This is the safest way to check/view who visited your facebook timeline. If you have any questions in mind then you can comment below or just leave a Thanks! :)

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