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How to Defrag Hard Disk in Windows

Defragmentation is the process of removing the amount of fragmentation. Hard disk/drive defragmentation is very important if you want your PC to work fast and more efficient.
Defragmenting hard disk on regular basis increase the speed and overall health of your hard disk.

Why Defragmenting disk is important?

Some of the advantages of defragmenting your hard disk includes:
  • Extend the life of your hard disk - Mechanical parts of hard disk travel less when defragmented 
  • To obtain a high level of security - Anti-virus software can easily find viruses and delete them before they spread 
  • To improve the performance and speed - Programs can easily access the data stored in Windows which results in increasing performance

How to Defrag Hard Disk:

  1. Open Run box (Press Windows LOGO Key + R), type 'dfrgui' (without quotes) and hit Enter.
    How to Defrag Hard Disk in Windows

  2. Select the hard disk partition that you want to defrag and click on 'Analyze' button. This will analyze the fragmentation status of your hard disk.
  3. If the fragmentation status is more than 10% then you should defrag your hard disk. To defrag, click on 'Optimize' button and Windows will start defragmentation process.
    How to Defrag Hard Disk in Windows

  4. The process will take some minutes and your disk will be defragmented.
  5. You can also schedule the defragmentation process using the Schedule optimization tab. Click on Change Settings and make changes as you see in image below. Also select all drives for defragmentation.
How to Defrag Hard Disk in Windows

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