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Get ₹ 120 Free Recharge using LINE [Official Offer]

Our favourite app LINE is back with a new free recharge offer. This time LINE is giving free recharge of ₹ 120 to all its users. All you have to do is to send a sticker in one of your LINE Groups.
Free recharge using LINE App 2014 Official Offers

The offer started today(August 8, 2014) and will continue till September 18. In this offer you will have to send at least one sticker in a LINE Group chat. You can use any group created by you or your friend.

Get Your Free Recharge: 

First of all, Download LINE App from Play Store and get registered on LINE if you are a new user or LogIn if you already have a LINE account. 

NOTE: This offer is available for all LINE users (Both new and old).

Create a LINE Group: 

You can create your own group or use any other group created by your friends.
  1. Open LINE app in your Android/Windows Smartphone.
  2. Open the chats tab and press the menu button.
  3. Select 'Start Chat', add some friends (more than 2 friends) and tap on 'Chat' button.
  4. Now your group will be created. 

How to Get Recharge:

  1. Open any group in LINE app or create a new group.
  2. Send at least one sticker in any group for next 20 Days.
  3. You will get recharge every 5th day, if you send stickers daily.
  4. Don't worry if you miss one or two days in between, you will still get free recharge.
  5. You can check your progress by clicking on the bear on 'Friends' tab.



Free Recharge using Android App LINEFree Recharge schedule of LINE

Recharge Days:

If you are having some problem and your points meter is not going down (from 5 to 1) then please update LINE app, if you are still having problems then contact LINE.
  • Day  05 : ₹30
  • Day 10 : ₹30
  • Day 15 : ₹30
  • Day 20 : ₹30

Once you have reached the day of your recharge LINE will automatically message you to avail your recharge. The recharge will be directly send to your number or any other number you enter while recharging.
If you need any further help then comment below. Also tell us what you feel about this offer.

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