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Tips to make Windows PC Faster

Everyone wants their pc to work fast and smooth. But after using a pc for sometime, usually some weeks or months, it becomes slow and starts showing some lag while opening folders or while doing some other work. So In this article, I decided to share some tips to make your PC work faster and smoother.
You should apply these tips on monthly or weekly basis if you want to run your pc smoothly.


Disable Unwanted Startup Programs

The very first thing you have to do to make your Windows PC faster is to remove all the unwanted programs to start automatically with Windows startup. To do that:
  1. Open Task Manager. (Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc) OR
    [For Windows 7]Search for 'msconfig' in Windows Search to open System Configuration.
  2. Open Startup tab and disable all those programs that you don't want to start automatically.

Defragment Hard drive Partitions

Defragment of hard drive is done to decrease its seek time which results in improving the overall performance of your Hard drive. View this tutorial to know how to defrag your hard drive.
How to defrag hard drive in windiws
Defrag Hard Drive Partitions

Clean Temporary Files

These are unnecessary files created by Windows while copying/viewing files. These files are safe to delete and will not affect your data
  1. Open Windows Search and type %temp%.
  2. Hit Enter and a New Window will open. 
  3. Delete all the folders and files from this folder.
    Clean Temp Files in WIndows
    Clean Temporary Files

Increase Virtual Memory Size

In Windows, Virtual Memory works like extended RAM. By default Windows automatically assign itself  the recommended virtual memory which is enough for all basic users. But if you do a lot of gaming or run heavy softwares then you should increase your Virtual memory.
Increase virtual memory in windows to make it fast
Increase Virtual Memory

    Uninstall Unwanted Programs

    The reason why you should uninstall unused and unwanted programs is very clear. Unwanted programs use extra space and memory of your PC which can be used by other programs that you use. Uninstalling programs will also give you some more space in your hard drive.

    uninstall unwanted programs in windows
    Uninstall Unwanted Programs
    To do this, Open Control Panel and select 'Uninstall a Program' under Programs menu.

    Schedule Automatic Maintenance

    This is one of the best feature in Windows. Automatic maintenance checks for the bad sectors in your pc and  fix them automatically.
     Follow this path to open Automatic Maintenance in Windows:

    Control Panel\System and Security\Action Center\Automatic Maintenance
    Schedule Automatic Maintenance in Windows to make windows faster
    Schedule Automatic Maintenance

    Remove Extension and Toolbars from Browsers

    Extensions and Toolbars are the two things that make an Internet browser slow not only that, they also make your browsing less secure. So you should uninstall these unwanted extensions and specially toolbars that were installed a 3rd party software.

    Remove Extensions: Open Settings of Your Browser and select 'Extension'. Click on remove/delete icon to remove the extension that you don't use.

    Removing Toolbars: The easiest way to remove toolbars is to use this small free tool named 'Adware Removal Tool'. It is created by ''. You can download this tool from here. Run it on your PC and select scan and repair.

    Adware Removal Tool Download
    Adware Removal Tool

    Additional Tips:

    • Scan for Viruses and Spywares Daily/Weekly
    • Do not install pirated/cracked softwares.
    • Do not use patches to crack a software. (Especially Antivirus Softwares)
    • Update your Windows and Antivirus Engine daily. (Enable automatic updates)
    • Do not fill your hard drive completely. Always leave some space in C: drive (Where windows is installed)
    • Don't create a lot of shortcuts on Desktop.(Instead create a New folder on desktop and paste all your shortcut into this folder)
    Well this is not the end of our list. We will add more things in the list and will update it. You can also share your tips or tricks to make Windows PC fast and smooth in comments.

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