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What is Soft Brick and Hard Brick

Soft Brick and Hard Brick are two of the most used terms in Android rooting and flashing. Bricking your phone means that you can't use your android phone any more and it's kind of dead.
What is Soft Brick and Hard Brick | Android
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Bricking of Android phone is further classified into two parts. First is Soft Brick and Second is Hard Brick.
But what is Soft Brick and Hard Brick? Just  read below and you'll find out.

Soft Brick:

Soft Brick is the state when you can't boot your android phone to home screen and it keeps looping either in Recovery or in boot logo. This usually happens when you flash a wrong or bugged file that is not made for your device.

How to Solve? 
Soft Brick is very easy to solve if you made a backup before flashing or making any changes in your android phone. But don't worry if you don't have a backup you can solve this problem easily by flashing the official firmware of your device.

Hard Brick:

This is a nightmare for most of the android users. In this your state your device is completely dead and it is very hard to solve it. At this stage when you try to boot your phone it do nothing, you can't even see bootlogo and can't go to Download Mode or recovery mode. This usually happens when you flash custom roms or mods that are not made for your device.

How to solve?
To solve this problem you have to force your device to download mode and then flash the stock firmware using pc. You can use a USB Jig to force your phone to download mode(Samsung Users) or use JTAG Brick Repair.

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