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Hardware devices that make Android experience better

Well I know this is a very unusual topic but this will surely help you to make your Android experience better. I searched a lot about this topic but didn't find any compromising article that explains this thing. So I decided to write this topic for our readers. Let's start with the first device in our list.

1. An External Battery Bank (Portable Charger):

We all know that the battery life of Android is very less. We can hardly use our android device for more than 8 or 9 hours. That's why external charger is on top of our list. An external charger helps you to charge your device when you are out or at the times of power cuts.
How much does it cost?
The cost of an external charger depends on its power. You can buy an external charger anywhere between 300Rs. to 2000 Rs.

Things to check before buying External Charger:
  • First thing you have to make sure that you really need an external charger. If you only stay at home or office a lot of time than you probably don't need it but if you have a job that have a lot of outdoor work that you should definitely buy it.
  • Know the capacity of your android's battery before buying an external charger. And buy a charger that have double or triple the power of your battery so that you can easily charge your phone multiple times.
  • If you are buying online then first read the reviews of the product. Make sure that the product of from a good brand and doesn't have any problems.
Author's Choice: 
DigiFlip Power Bank 6600mAh Power Bank - 2 USB Output Ports, LED Indicator

2. An OTG Cable:

An OTG or On-The-Go cable helps you connect your pendrives to your android device. You can use this cable to connect any pendrive and view, cut or copy its contents. If your phone supports OTG then you should buy this product.
If you have a rooted android device that don't have an external memory card support than you can use OTG cable to connect a pendrive and make a backup of your ROM using recovery. This is really helpful sometimes.
How much does an OTG Cable costs?
The price of an OTG cable lies between Rs.50 to Rs.500.

Things to check before buying OTG Cable:
  • The only thing to check before you buy an OTG cable is for what purpose you are going to use it. If you want to buy an OTG cable for copying or viewing small sized data(less than 1GB) then you can buy any cheap OTG cable but if you want to copy/view large sized data (usually more that 1 or 2 GB) than buy a little costly cable.
Author's Choice: 
APS AS070 Micro USB OTG - USB 2.0, Speed Upto 480 Mbps
Can be used to connect pen drive, flash drive, Keyboard, Mouse, Ext HDD and other USB devices (If your phone supports). Buy From Flipkart

3. USB Jig (Samsung Devices Only):

A USB Jig is a small devices that helps you to force your phone to go to download mode. If you have a rooted android phone and you flash a lot of things using custom recovery then there are chances that your phone will brick and will not boot. If that happens then you can use a USB Jig to force your phone to download mode and flash stock firmware so that your phone starts working again.

How much does it cost?
USB Jig's are available for around Rs. 200 online.

4. Gamepad for Android Devices:

gamepad for android devicesIf you like to play games in your android devices a lot then you can buy a Gamepad for your android device to enhance your gaming experience. You can connect a gamepad to your mobile phone using bluetooth pairing or NFC. Gamepads work with almost every android phone. 

How much does it cost?
You can buy a gamepad anywhere between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 6000.

Things to check before buying a Gamepad:
  • Make sure your phone have awesome performance for gaming. If your phone lags while playing heavy games then you will not have a good experience with a gamepad. 
  • Check if your android phone will support Gamepad or not. You can search online, ask on forums or just comment below.
Well this is not the end of this list. We will add more devices soon. If you need any help buying any device listed above or need some other help than you can comment below.
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