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Get 15GB + 8GB Extra Space for OneDrive(formerly SkyDrive)

Nowadays cloud storage is very important for every internet user. We can share all kind of files and documents that we want. Even we can upload our personal files online without sharing them with others. Most of the cloud storage service providers give 2GB to 5GB free space to their users which can be further upgraded by paying some extra money, which is good if you are using cloud services for Business, but if you want to use cloud storage for your personal use but not happy with small storage capacity and don't want to pay for it then you can use OneDrive.


OneDrive is a cloud storage service by Microsoft, it gives free 15GB Permanent storage to all its users and an additional 8GB Storage that can be claimed by completing some easy tasks. So the total storage that OneDrive users get is 23GB which is very good for personal use. So lets see how you can get your 15GB + additional 8GB Storage for OneDrive.
You can skip STEP 1 if you are already using OneDrive. New users will get an additional 500MB storage if they Sign Up for OneDrive using our Link in STEP 1.

STEP 1: [For New Users] 15GB Storage | Sign Up for OneDrive
(Get Extra 500MB Storage using our Link)

Onedrive free extra space
To use OneDrive Services you should have a Microsoft account (Hotmail, Outlook or Live). If you already have a Microsoft account then you can directly Log In to OneDrive (without signing up) using your Microsoft account and there you will see your 15GB free storage. 
If you don't have a Microsoft account then you can use this link to Sign Up for OneDrive, if you sign up using our link you will get an additional 500MB space on your OneDrive storage.

STEP 2: 3GB Extra Storage | Download OneDrive App and Enable Camera Backup

Download OneDrive app in your Android, IOS or Windows Phone, Log In using your Microsoft account and Enable Camera Backup. As soon as you enable this feature you will get an additional 3GB Permanent storage. (Once you get 3GB Space, you can disable camera backup or uninstall the app if you want)
Camera Backup: Camera Backup is a handy feature that uploads all the images on your phone to your OneDrive account when connected to WiFi (Can be changed in Settings). Don't worry, Images are uploaded on a Private folder and only you can see those images.

STEP 3: 5GB Extra Storage | Invite your Friends to Join OneDrive

You can get an additional 5GB extra space by inviting your friends (using your special invite link) to join OneDrive. You will get 500MB Space for each friend that joins (Your friends will also get 500MB Extra space).
  1. Log In to your OneDrive account.
  2. Click on Manage Storage Link or Click Here.
  3. You will see a 'Your Additional Storage' box there. Click on 'Get Free Storage' button and copy your Referral Link.
    Extra Space for OneDrive

    Extra Space for OneDrive
  4. Send this link to your friends and share on your social networks. If any of your friend joins, you will get 500MB Space.
You can invite as many friends as you want but the maximum space that you can earn using this feature is 5GB.

This completes the procedure of getting extra 8GB storage for OneDrive. You can also buy more storage if you want and can also redeem your OneDrive Code to get extra storage.
Which cloud storage service you use? Is it better than OneDrive, if Yes, tell us Why?

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