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Things to do after creating a Blog

So you have created a blogger blog and don't know what you should do now? Thats a common thing for those bloggers who are new to this field. In this post, I will help you solving your problems. So lets start with the first thing you should do after creating your blog.

                                    Things to do after creating a blog

Choose a Template:

You can choose any template that looks good on your blog. You can use default blogger's templates (the one you chose while creating your blog) or can download some more attractive templates from other sites that provide templates for Blogger.
Tip: Choose a default template if you are new to blogging and don't want to hassle with HTML codes.

Write your first article:

The articled should relate you blogger's title and the things you are going to share on your blog. Write an article with atleast 300 words and atmost 600 words. These size of article are easy to real and attracts readers to your blog. After this you have to add some pages to your blog.

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Add Important Pages to your Blog:

Before publishing and sharing your blog on social networking site or anywhere else, you should add some important pages. The list of these important pages are:

About Us - Write something about your site and yourself, to gain confidence of readers of your blog. Write some good and catchy things in your about us page. For reference you can visit our About Us page too :)
Privacy Policy & Disclaimer - You might be thinking why you need a privacy policy for a blog. But adding privacy policy is must for blogger. You can write privacy policy by yourself or via some free Privacy Policy creating sites. Visit our Privacy Policy Page here and Disclaimer Page here

Contact Us - Your readers wants to contact you when they want to give some suggestions or just thank you for the information you share with them. You can create a form using Google Docs or any other way you want. We created our contact us page using Google Docs because its free & easy to use. You can visit our Contact page by clicking here.

Sitemap: A sitemap is a page where all your articles are sorted. You can search google on 'How to create a sitemap page in blogger'. (Visit our Sitemap Page here)

Adding Gadgets to your Blog:

Add some cool gadgets to your blog but make sure they are not affecting the loading time of your blog. Readers will start to decrease if your page loading time is too much. Add some gadgets like Popular Posts, recent comments, facebook like box, RSS Subscription box etc.
To add a gadget go to Layout Page of your blog's dashboard and click on add Gadget to add a gadget to your blog.

Join Social Networks:

Create Facebook, Twitter and G+ Page for your blog - Creating a facebook/Twitter/G+ page for your blog is also important. You can share stuff related to your blog's objective. You can also share links of posts you write on your page so that your readers don't miss any posts of your blog.  

Final Words:

Now you can publish your blog and Start sharing its content on social networks to gain some traffic and don't forget to write atleast one post in a day. If you need any other help then comment below. I will be happy to help you.

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