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How to Open Multiple Sites with Single Click

This is a very simple trick which can open multiple websites with just one click. You can add as much sites as you want and whenever you double click on that file (that we are going to make in sometime) it will open all those sites in your default browser.

Well I don't have much stuff to talk about this trick, so lets start with the tutorial.


  1. Open Notepad.
    Right Click > New > Text Document.
  2. Type the following code in Notepad:

    @echo off
    start SiteURLHere
    start SiteURLHere
                                  How to Open Multiple Sites with Single Click
  3. Now change SiteURLHere with the website URL that you want to open. You can add any number of website to open with one click but make sure to add atmost 10-12 URL's in one file because if you add more URLs then your browser might crash.
  4. After adding all your favorite web links save the file as 'anything.bat'
    For eg, you can save the file as 'OpenSite.bat'
                                 How to Open Multiple Sites with Single Click
  5. Now double click on this file to check if it's working or not. 
If you are having any problem then you can comment below, I will be happy to assist you.

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