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How to Disable/Enable Command Prompt (CMD)

In this trick i am going to show you how you can disable command prompt from other user access. We are going to use GP Editor(Group Policy Editor) to disable command prompt. Disabling Command Prompt can help you to make your PC more safe. No one can use your Command Prompt to make changes in your PC or hack/misuse your using command prompt. To know how to disable/enable Command Prompt in windows see below tutorial.
                             How to Disable/Enable Command Prompt (CMD)


  1. Open Run. (Press Win Logo Key + R.)

                               How to Disable/Enable Command Prompt (CMD)
  2. Type gpedit.msc and hit Enter to open Group Policy Editor.
    NOTE: You should be the administrator of PC to open GP Editor.
  3. In Group Policy window browse to the following path in Left Pane.
    User Configuration > Administrative Templates

                     How to Disable/Enable Command Prompt (CMD)
  4. In right pane, Double click on 'System' Folder and then Open 'Prevent Access to the Command Prompt'.

                    How to Disable/Enable Command Prompt (CMD)
  5. You will see a new Dialog box. In this box change the setting to Enable and Click OK.
    NOTE: Do not make any changes in Options menu.(See Caution)

                     How to Disable/Enable Command Prompt (CMD)
  6. Now your Command Prompt has been disabled.
    -To re-enable it locate back to settings (in step 5) and choose Disable.

                    How to Disable/Enable Command Prompt (CMD)
Do not prevent the computer from running batch files if the computer uses logon, logoff, startup, or shutdown batch file scripts, or for users that use Terminal Services.

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