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Google Easter Egg - Atari Breakout

                                       Google Easter Egg - Atari Breakout

Recently, I some of the YouTube Tricks (Easter Eggs), but In this post i am going to tell you about a Google Trick related to a game named 'Breakout'. 'Breakout' (Wikipedia Link) is an arcade game developed and created by Atari. You can use Google to play this game online in Google search result and also share your high score on social networks.


  1. Go to Google Search page. (Direct Link)
  2. In search box type "atari breakout" (Without Quotes) and Click on Google Search.
  3. In search results page switch to Images tab & wait for some seconds.
  4. Play the game for as much time as you want for free.

                           Google Easter Egg - Atari Breakout

                           Google Easter Egg - Atari Breakout

Also you can share your High Score with us on our Facebook Page (Link Here) with hash tag '#atari_breakout'. And we will share your Score on our wall with your Name Tag. 

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