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YouTube Easter Eggs - Search Tricks

Trick-1: Linux Text Command Like GUI

Go to YouTube and Search anything with " / Search Term " (Forward Slash then Space proceeding your search term). Now you will see a special search result page in Linux text command like GUI(Graphical User Interface).

For example, Search / android on YouTube Or Click Here to see the effect.


Trick-2: Use the Force Luke Trick

Go to YouTube and Search for Use the Force, Luke. You will see entire screen shaking and dwindling with the force. Click Here to see this Effect. 

Trick-3: Ponies Walking on the Screen Trick

Search YouTube for fibonacci. Now instead of normal search page, you will see Fibonacci animation with golden ratio. The animation consists of YouTube video thumbnails. Try yourself to see the effect or Click Here.

To see more YouTube tricks follow this link: YouTube Tricks By Also share your valuable views in comments. 

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