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YouTube Easter Eggs - Search Tricks Part-2

Trick-1: Star Trek Effect 

Go to YouTube and type Beam me up, Scotty in search box. You will see the search results appearing with star trek effect animation. 
I am not giving any direct link because the effect is so fast that you will not be able to see the animation if i give a direct link. So you have to do this search manually. But you can see the screenshot for reference.
                               YouTube Easter Eggs - Different Search Result Page

Trick-2: Time Forward Trick

If you ever wanted to link to a video in YouTube that was lengthy, but had a very interesting part partway through, there is a trick to allow you to begin playback at a precise time. You can specify the minutes and seconds of the start time.
For Example, 

1. Add  #t=50s at the end of the video URL to start at 50 Seconds.
    Link Example:

2. Add #t=1m20s at the end of the video URL to start at 1 Minute 20 Seconds.
    Link Example:

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