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Top PC Software to Root an Android Phone

Nowadays every Android user wants to Root his Android Device but the Lack of Programming Knowledge and the risks related to Android Rooting like bricking of Android Phone stops them from Rooting their Android devices. So we tried to find some good software for Rooting android device that have no or very less risk of bricking your phone. Look to see the list of software.


                                             Kingo Root | Android Rooting Software
This Software is completely Risk free & tested by millions of Android user around the world. I have Rooted & Unrooted my Samsung Galaxy device many times using this Software and this software works like a charm. 
It contains no Adware or Spyware and it is completely Free of Cost & no hidden charges. You can download the Software from its Official Site by Clicking this Link.
Kingo Root | Android Rooting Software



OneClickRoot is also a great free software for Rooting Android Phone. I also tried this software for Rooting my android phone & it worked great for my device. This software can Root almost all Android devices that are available in market. Click Here to View Supported Device List

Download OneClickRoot - Click Here



The next software in our list is Unlock Root. This software does what is says. It is the safest Software & it also have a restore function in case your Phone bricks after Rooting. But this software is not Free of Cost. You have to buy this Software before using it. It also have a free version with less Functions.
You can Buy this Software if you want by Clicking on this Link


If you know about any other 'Good' Rooting software then you can share that software with us. Just comment below the name & Website Link of the Software and we will check it. 

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  1. Framaroot you do it on your phone no PC worked for my S2 and tablet too

  2. @Aussie Ray
    this is the list of PC software so I can't add framaroot here :)

    & It worked for my Note 2 too :D


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