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Things to do after rooting Android Phone - Basic Guide

Rooting your Android phone gives you the ability to control entire system of your Android Phone. But only rooting your phone doesn't give you complete access of your phone. You have to use some apps, mods and Custom ROMs to get over the limitations of your Android Phone. 

Things to do after rooting Android Phone - Windroid Tricks
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Many people don't know what they should do after rooting their android phone. So this guide is specially for those peoples. Here we have added everything that you can do after rooting. So lets start with the apps you should install.

NOTE: Add mods, tweaks or install custom ROMs with caution & If you don't know what you are doing then don't even think to do it. We will not be responsible for anything you did with your phone.

Apps you should Install after Rooting:

These apps are useful for adding mods, tweaks, backing up your useful data and for many more things that you can do after rooting. 
  • Titanium Backup Pro (Create backup of Apps + Data) [Paid]
  • Root Explorer (Explore your Android - Root File Manager) [Paid]
  • Greenify (Battery Saver & Lag Reducer) [Free & Paid]
  • Xposed Installer (Browse & Install Moduled for your Phone) [Free]
  • Root Uninstaller (Uninstall System Apps) [Free]
First of all, before making any changes in your device, make backup of following things:

Backup of Useful Data:

Create Full Backup of your App+Data using Titanium Backup Pro. After rooting your phone you can add mods in your phone. That's why we suggest you to create a full backup of all apps+data because in case anything goes wrong after adding a mod, you can get back to original state using the backup you made.

Backup of your Original ROM:

The best thing you do after rooting android phone is to add different ROMs in your phone. Adding ROM gives different look to your phone, improve its performance and upgrade android version too. But before installing custom ROMs in your phone you should first create a backup of your original ROM. Because in case anything goes wrong with the custom ROM you can use your original ROM's backup to go back.

Now, once you have backed up everything you will need, you can try the guide below:

Uninstall Bloatware Apps:

Bloatware Apps are those apps which you don't use and also can't remove from your device. These apps are pre-installed in your device. These apps use a lot of space and consumes battery. You can uninstall those apps using any root uninstaller app but be careful before removing a system app like Messaging, Dialer or Contacts app etc. If you don't know if removing an app is safe or not then you can freeze them using Application Manager.

Add Mods in your Phone:

Go to Xda-developers forum or just use Google to find mods for your phone. Mods are used to change look of your phone and sometimes to increase its performance. 
NOTE: Mods are different for different phones. You cant use Samsung Galaxy S4 mods in your HTC device. So you have to find mods for your phone only.

Add Tweaks:

Once again you can go to XDA developer forum and find a lot of tweaks for your phone, which can improve its performance and do many more things.

Install Customs ROM:

If you are bored with the look & feel of your original factory ROM then you should flash custom ROM in your phone. Custom ROMs are the modified version of Android OS which contain additional features & customization for your phone. You can use Google to find Custom ROMs for your phone. 
CyanogenMod is one of the site that make best custom ROMs for selected devices. You can also go to Xda developer forum to find customs ROMs for your device.

Final Words:

The above list is the most common things you can do after rooting. There's a lot of other things that you can do after rooting, we will update some more things too in our list. 
If you have any questions in your mind then comment below, we will help you solve your problem. 

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  1. What about ROM Toolbox? It has Root Browser built in, and has a far more powerful app than Rom manager. Lets not forget all the tweaking goodies, to edit animations, alter hardware, edit init.d and build.prop, and other goodies.

    1. thanks @shotgun surgeon
      I will be testing this app and then share it with all our readers..

  2. Hey,
    I you must also write about tasker. Actaully i was searching a bit info on tasker; how to use it to automate my device. However, what you have written is quite usefull too, as there is pretty much explain about the context. Thanx :) :D


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