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Remove Write Protection From Pendrive and Memory Cards

Do you ever get an error saying "Can not copy files to Disk. Remove the Write Protection and Try again." or something like that when you try to copy, move or delete files in Memory card or a pen drive. It means that your Pendrive/Memory Card is write protected and you can't make changes in your Pendrive/Memory Card. You will have to remove the write protection to copy or delete files. So here I give you a simple method to remove write protection.
                                                       Remove Write Protection From Pendrive and Memory Cards

Before trying this trick, first check if your Pendrive or Memory card have a write protection switch or not. These switches are used to write protect the saved data. If your device have this switch then move it to other side, it will remove write protection and then you can try to copy files to your device again. If you still can't manage files in your pendrive then follow the tutorial below.


  1. Sign-in as administrator of your pc.
  2. Plug your write-protected Memory card or pen drive to your pc.
  3. Now Open Run and type 'regedit' and press Enter. This will open Registry Editor window.
  4. Locate to this folder using side navigation panel
  5. Now choose the second option from the right side panel. Double click on it and make its value 0 (Zero).
  6. This will remove the write protection from your Pendrive/Memory Card.
    Note: If write protection is still not removed then restart your PC.
In some cases users will not see the folder names 'StorageDevicePolicies' which means that you will have to create that folder. Now simply copy and paste the below code in Notepad (See Image) and save the file as 'StorageDevicePolicies.bat'
cd\reg add "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies" /t Reg_dword /v WriteProtect /f /d 1
OR Download The file created by us By Clicking Here (File Size: 111 Bytes).
                         Remove Write Protection From Pendrive and Memory Cards

Now Run this file, give permissions and Restart your computer. After that you will see the folder names 'StorageDevicePolicies' in Registry editor. Then follow Steps no. 5 and 6.

Final Words:

  • You can also use this trick to write-protect your memory card/Pendrive. Just Plug in the device which is to be write-protected, then go to StorageDevicePolicies Folder and Select second option from right side panel and change its value to 1. That's it.
  • If you need any help related to this trick then comment below.

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