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Make Stylish fonts for Facebook without Software in Windows

Everyone likes to write his/her name or any other important names (like FB ID Name, FB Page name etc.) in stylish fonts. Many people waste their time to find & download stylish text making Software and some people use websites to create stylish font for them. But why waste your time & internet for such things when you have Windows :)

Use the trick below to make Stylish & Cool text with different fonts without any Software or Internet Usage.


Here I have written our website name in 'ŞŧȳŁįşħ' Font using our trick. 
~ ŴīƞƊƦõıđ  Ŧȓɩcĸş ~


  1. Open Run.
    Press Window Logo Key + R.
  2. Type 'charmap' and Hit Enter.

                                 Make Stylish fonts for Facebook without Software in Windows
  3. A pop-up window will appear after that. (See Image)

                                 Make Stylish fonts for Facebook without Software in Windows
  4. Now simply select the characters to write your text and Select 'COPY' button to copy the written text. You can also change the Font of text by clicking on the Drop-down Font menu.

Final Words:

You can use these fonts for displaying your name in stylish font in different social networking site. But some sites will ignore names with stylish fonts.
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