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How to Unroot an Android Phone

If you are having problems after rooting your phone and want to unroot your phone then follow this tutorial. There are two methods to Unroot a rooted android device. First method is by using a pc software that you used to root your phone earlier and the second method is to unroot your phone using the SuperSU app itself. Both method are safe to unroot your phone but you have to be a little careful before proceeding.


How to Root An Android Phone

Before You Proceed:

Read below points before Unrooting your Android device:
  • Unrooting your Android phone will remove all Super User permissions & you will be unable to use any app that requires Root access. 
  • You will not be able to Run any Unauthorised app.
  • Before Unrooting your Android device remove all those apps that requires Root Access.


Method 1: (Using PC Software) 

If you have rooted your Android Phone using this then follow this part of un-rooting your android device.
  1. Open 'Kingo Android Root' application in your PC/Laptop.
  2. Enable 'USB Debugging Mode' in your Android Device & Connect your phone to PC/Laptop using USB Cable.
  3. Wait for Kingo Android Root to automatically detect your phone & you will see a window like the image below.
                                Unrooting Android Using Kingo Root
  4. Click on 'Remove Root' button and wait for the Software to unroot your phone.

Method 2: (Using SuperSU App)

Using this method you can easily unroot your Android phone no matter how you have Rooted your android phone. This method does not require PC/Laptop access.
  1. Open 'SuperSu' App in your Phone & Click on 'Settings'.
  2. Navigate to 'CLEANUP' tab and Select 'Full Unroot'.
  3. You will see a new dialog box which asks you for Confirmation to unroot your Android phone. Just Click on Continue and wait for the App to Uninstall.

    SuperSu - Android Rooting Software | Fully Unroot Android devices     Fully Unroot Android devices
  4. After Uninstallation, Restart your Phone to make it more stable.
Now you have successfully unrooted your Android device and you can use your phone normally. If you need any kind of help related to this tutorial then comment below.

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  1. I use the Method 2 and my phone says "Uninstalling, please wait..." from an hour.

    1. Go to recovery mode and clear cache partition and dalvik cache too. Reboot your phone and then try uninstalling the app.. :)

    2. I did this, and the app supersuser was dissapear, but still install the app SuperSu and I can´use it, it says " There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSu cannot install it. This is a problem! ".

    3. 'SU binary is not installed' it means that your phone is Unrooted..

      Just uninstall the superuser app normally and everything else is fine. If you want to root your phone again than you can do that using our tutorial :)

    4. I can´t unistall the SuperSu app, i don´t have this options in the app adminsitration menu, i have the options "Force close" and " Cancel", it sees like a system app.

    5. you can do the following things now:
      1. Open Superuser app > Go to settings and select Uninstall or Full Unroot.. This will uninstall superuser app and your phone will restart

      2. Root your phone again using this tutorial and then Unroot your phone from Super user app.. (Method 2 from above tutorial).

  2. I don´t have install SuperUser app, only SuperSu

  3. At the end, I had rooted my phone with other method (using the recovery and installing, and I had unrooted my phone using method 1.

    Thanks you for all !!! :)


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