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How to install Third Party Apps in Android

By default Android Phones don't allow you to install third party apps. So if you have an app that you downloaded from a source other than Google Play and want to install it in your Android Phone then follow the tutorial below.


All Android Versions 

Points to Remember before installing a Third Party App:

  1. Make sure you trust the application supplier before installing a third party app.
  2. Make sure that the app is useful and Secure to install.
  3. Don't install cracked or hacked apps, they might contain bugs that can slow/harm your smartphone.
  4. Do not install apps that asks for your Credit Card details, Email Passwords etc. These apps might contain keyloggers that can easily hack you. Download these kind of apps only from Google Play Store.


NOTE: This trick is according to a Samsung Galaxy Device running Android 4.1.2. The procedure might be different for different devices.
  1. Open Menu > Settings.
  2. Under Personal tab select Security.
  3. Now browse through the security setting and find Unknown Sources under Device Administrator tab.
  4. Tick Mark this Option and you will see a dialog box that will ask you for confirmation, Just click OK.
  5. Now you are ready for installing any third party app.
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