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Everything you want to know about Rooting an Android Phone

If you are thinking to Root your android phone then you must read this guide to know each and every thing about rooting.
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What is Rooting? 

Android Rooting is the process of allowing Android users to attain root access within Android's subsystem. Rooting removes maximum limitations of an Android phone and make your phone easier to use.
                                                        Everything you want to know about Rooting an Android Phone

Pros & Cons of Rooting Android:

Like any other thing Rooting Android also have some Advantages & Disadvantages. So let's start with Advantages of rooting an Android Phone. 


Some of the major reasons to root your Android device are:


Rooting an Android Phone allows you to Overclock the Processor, which will make your phone faster but it has some risks. It can decrease your phone's lifespan (in some cases). Rooting also gives you the ability to Underclock the Processor, which will help you to conserve battery power.


There are many custom ROM are available in market. Custom ROM'S can give your Android phone a completely new feel and performance. But Flashing a ROM can only be done if you have rooted your phone. 


After Rooting, you will be able to customize everything in your Android Phone. You can customize System files, themes etc. You can Uninstall/Delete application that are pre-installed in your phone like Inbuilt Web browser etc.  


Rooting gives you the ability to Install and Run specific apps that have not been authorized by Android. You can also install blocked or Tegra (Tegra is a mobile processor for hard-core gaming in mobiles) only games in your phone.
Rooting also allows you to back up the entire system on an external USB or SD card, which means that you will always have a copy of your previous system in case anything goes wrong.


Some of the major reasons not to root your Android device include:


After Rooting your Android Phone you will not be eligible for your phones warranty. This is because rooting interferes the way in which Android has designed the phone to work.


Rooting means modifying system files, so there is always a chance of bricking your phone. But if you follow the exact procedure of rooting your Android phone then you should not have any problem.
Note- Sometimes Bricking of phone can be fixed but it requires a lot of work from you.


If you have not installed any custom ROMs on your phone (after rooting), you will still receive updates. Some of the updates will interfere with the root and break it. So you will have to re-root your phone again.

Is Rooting Legal?

Rooting Android Phone is Legal in some cases.  Read More about Legality here (Wikipedia)

Is it possible to Unroot a Rooted Phone?

Yes, it is possible to unroot a rooted phone. You can do it manually or use a PC or Android Apk app to unroot a rooted phone

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