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Create your own 'Run' Command

The Run Command on Windows OS is a very helpful feature that lets you open some applications instantly with the help of just one command like if you want to open command prompt then just open Run and type cmd  and Command window will opens instantly.

But do you know that you can also create your own run command in Window? The process is really easy and involves only few steps. Just follow the below tutorial and create your own run commands.

                                          Create your own 'Run' Command


  1. First of all select the Software or application for which you want to make custom Run command.
    In this tutorial i will be creating Run command for Mozilla Firefox web browser. (You can use any software.)
  2. Now go to your Desktop and make a new shortcut.
    Right Click > New > Shortcut
  3. This will open a dialog box (See Image Below). Click on browse option and browse to the root folder of the software for which you want to create Run Command.

                              Create your own 'Run' Command
  4. Clicking Browse button will open a new dialog box as shown in image below. In this dialog box locate to the root folder of software for which you want to create your Run command and select the file.

                             Create your own 'Run' Command
  5. For Example, to create Run command for Firefox browser locate to the following folder and select firefox.exe application.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox

                            Create your own 'Run' Command

  6. Now click on Next and you will see a new dialog box. It will ask you to assign a name for the shortcut. Assign a name and click Finish.
    NOTE: The name you provide to this shortcut will be used as he Run command for the software. So assign a short and easy name to it.
    For example, i will be using 'firefox' as the short name for Firefox browser.

                         Create your own 'Run' Command
  7. Now you will see a new shortcut icon related to the software on your Desktop. It means that the process of creating shorcut has been done successfully.
  8. In this step, Just Cut and Paste this icon to the root drive of your computer, in Windows folder.
    For example, if you have installed windows in C: Drive then the path will be C:\ Windows.
    NOTE: You should be the administrator of your Computer to perform this action.
  9. You will see an access denied prompt while copying this shortcut to Windows folder. Just click on continue and the shortcut will be copied and the process to Create your Run Command is Completed.
Using this Command:
Now whenever you want to use your command, hit WinLogo Key + R and type the short name that you provided to it in Step 6 and click Enter.

                                     Create your own 'Run' Command
For Example, I will use firefox command whenever i want to open Firefox Browser using Run Commands.

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