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Create Your own Error Message Using Notepad

Error Message shows warnings or error that is causing an application to work. But you can also use these boxes to have fun by making your own error messages. Here i am going to show you how to create your own error message using notepad. The process is really simple and don't require any coding knowledge or any external tools.
                                     Create Your own Error Message Using Notepad


PART-2: Create Error Message with Different Buttons and Icons

PART-3: Create Yes/No Error Message With Different Answer


1.Open Notepad.
   Right Click > New > Text Document

2. Now Copy the below code into the Notepad. And change the text Your error message here with your own error message.
MSGBOX "Your Error Message Here"
For example, MSGBOX "Hello Guys, Welcome to Windroid Tricks"

                                Create Your own Error Message Using Notepad

3. After this click on File > Save as and save the file as anyname.vbs to your desired folder.
    For example, Error MSG.vbs
                                         Create Your own Error Message Using Notepad

4. Now double click on the file and you will see a dialog box with your own error message.

                                               Create Your own Error Message Using Notepad

Now use your mind and use this trick to play pranks on your friends.
For example, Change the error message with "Windows has found some problems in your System. Please Restart your windows to solve this error." and save the file on start up folder of windows. Now every time the user will login to windows he/she will see this error message.

Click Here to know How to find Start up folder and manage files in this Folder.

If you need any kind of help related to this trick then Comment below. Also share you prank ideas in comments.

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