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Create Single Name Facebook ID

You can't create a Facebook account with only your first name, means you have to give your first name & your last name in order to create or use your Facebook account. But there is a trick by which you can create a Facebook account with Single name (First Name) only. Follow the below tutorial to create a single name Facebook ID.

                                       Official Facebook LOGO

NOTE: This is a completely safe trick for creating single name Facebook account. 


NOTE: Use Mozilla Firefox Browser for this trick.
  1. Go to and login to your account.
  2. Now go to Settings tab (Click Here) and change your language to BAHASA INDONESIA.
    (Do not close this page)

                       Create Single Name Facebook ID
  3. In Firefox Menu, go to Options > Advanced > Network

                                   Create Single Name Facebook ID
  4. Click on Settings (from Connections) and then select Manual Proxy Configuration and make following changes.(See Image)
    HTTP Proxy:
    Port: 8080

    Tick Mark on 'Use this Proxy for all protocols' and Click OK.

                                        Create Single Name Facebook ID

    If above proxy is not working then go to this Link and find a new proxy. And use it in place of above proxy.

    Make following Changes to find a Proxy: (See Image)
    Proxy Country : Indonesia
    Port : 8080
    and Click on Update Results. (Use Latest Proxy with Fast Connection time)

                        Create Single Name Facebook ID,
  5. After changing your Proxy, go back to Facebook Settings page and Click on Nama(Name) Settings.
    (Click On Image to Enlarge)
  6. Now Add your First Name and Leave Last Name Space blank. Type your password in Password field and Click on Save Changes.

                        Create Single Name Facebook ID
  7. After your changes is saved you can see your first name only in Name field.
                                Create Single Name Facebook ID
  8. Now Again Click on Language Tab and Choose your Default language.
    And In Mozilla Settings Go to Options > Advanced  > Network and Select Settings and then select 'Use System Proxy' and Click OK.
  9. After that you can use your Facebook account normally in any browser.
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  1. Hey Mohit

    Thanks for the detailed article. But can you confirm that it still works? I changed the proxy many times. Even shows me that I have an Indonesian IP. But facebook still doesn't allow me a single name.

    It gives the error: "Anda harus memberikan nama belakang" which means last name is required.

    Do you have any idea? Thanks!

  2. Hello @Mind Hacker
    Yes the trick is working successfully. I just tried it again for my new ID and it worked.
    May be you are doing something wrong, first clear your browser history/cache and then try to apply this trick again.

  3. Really! It is very useful trick........... and you know what it is working for me :D :D :D for proof checkout ,, Well brother, Thanks a lot for such a great info :D
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  4. i got same problem if u find ans please tell me

  5. @Vivel as I said earlier the trick is working fine.. and updated as of December 2014.

    Before trying the trick make sure you are using Mozilla Firefox and deleted your browser's history and cache.

  6. Sure. It worked for me :) . You have to do everything exactly in the SAME ORDER as specified in the article.

    1. Login and change language in FB
    2. logout
    3. Add proxy to Firefox
    4. Login to FB and change to single name.

    You have to do everything IN ORDER and it will work. It took me a lot of tries.

  7. Thanks for Facebook Single Name Trick , You website is too awesome. keep it up


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