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Change Icon of PenDrive or Hard Drive

Did you ever wanted to change the icon of your hard drive partition or your pendrive, But didn't know how to do this? Well now you can do this by following this simple tutorial. It's easy and risk free. All you need is Notepad and an icon (.ico) file.
NOTE: You can download icons from internet or create your own using icon creator software.


  1. Open notepad and type the following code.
                                             Change icon of pendrive hard disk drive manually
  2. Replace the highlighted text icon.ico with the name of your icon file.
    Tip: Do not include spaces in icon name.
  3. Save this notepad file as ' autorun.inf ' and do not rename anything else.
                                   Change icon of pendrive hard disk drive manually
  4. Now copy the icon file and autorun.inf file to the root of your pendrive or hard drive.
                                                 Change icon of pendrive hard disk drive manually
  5. Now Unplug & plug in your pendrive and see the changes. You will have to restart your computer to see the changes on hard drive.
TIP: Hide the autorun.inf and Icon file if you don't want to see these two files.


Here I have changed the icon of my pendrive using above tutorial for proof.
Change icon of pendrive hard disk drive manuallyChange icon of pendrive hard disk drive manually

Final Words:

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